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Délices d'Antan's mission is to introduce Lanaudiere region to the Quebec thanks to its products, proudly inspired by the regional country. We believe that Lanaudiere will be represented in all corners of the province with food trucks andsmall houses. 

Moreover, why not in the rest of the country? Just like the Canadian flag that bears the maple leaf, our famous potato donut soaked in maple syrup is very representative of who we are. In fact, it was our origins and the traditions of our ancestors that led us to Délices d'Antan. 

Therefore, we would like to see all of North America know about Berthier's donuts! Thus, our family, the Lanaudiere region and Quebec province will have one more reason to be proud of their heritage. 

With this goal and this eventuality in mind, we have made the decision to change our brand image. The new logo Beignes d'Antan is proudly displayed on food trucks and on small houses. All the packaging associated with it had also been revised and displayed a transformed and alive logo. Exit the look of a bakery frozen in the past! Welcome to the colors of the day, more current! Our products are made in the old way, but our bakery is modern and well of its time. Our company and our team are young, dynamic and motivated. Our new image is the perfect amalgam between these qualities and the legacy that gave birth to our products. 

We hope you will like it as much as our famous donuts and that you will want to share it too!

Délices d'Antan
The little story of our huge delights!

Délices d’Antan finds its roots in the bakery La ferme du bon pain. During six years, Mr. Martel was the owner and he developed a growing clientele and acquired a notoriety with his famous potato donuts. In the face of increasingly large-scale commercial activities, and seeing retirement approaching, he decided to pass the torch. Mr. Robert Harnois and Mr. Michel Brisson acquired the bakery in September 2003. 

Misters Harnois and Brisson gently took over the reins of the bakery. Only a few months later, Steve Harnois, Mr. Harnois' son, showed interest in the company, but especially in family work. Mr. Brisson saw the relief of a good eye and agreed to sell his shares to the young Harnois, in order to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. 

It was the beginnings of the father-son union and the birth of a family business. 

In 2007, a third member of the family, Patrick Harnois, eldest son, joined the company. It was also a decisive year for Délices d'Antan. Indeed, the installation of a new distribution network forces a complete reorganization in order to ensure the growth of the company. It was at this time that the bakery set up a small production factory on the former Pâtisserie Danielle’s site in Berthierville. Soon, the demand was such that Délices d'Antan occupied all the space! 

Soon, the distribution network has expanded. To such an extent that the company felt itself in need of representation outside the Lanaudière region. However, the Harnois did not believe that the right choice was to open other bakeries. 

The concept of a caravan that would act like the cities “Food Trucks” have grown quietly in the minds of the family. The first one was created in 2013. On board: the first franchisee, Mr. Sylvain Payette. Six years later, there are ten caravans in the ranks under the banner Beignes d'Antan. The concept is literally a rage! Caravans are so wanted throughout Quebec that the production factory is struggling to supply on demand. 

It did not matter it needed another project! An idea of a small house appeared. Same concept as caravans, but installed permanently in a strategic location. Called affectionately "Lil’ Delight", the first little house is set up at the Premium Outlets Montréal located in Mirabel. Délices d'Antan sees its banner Beignes d'Antan take off and aims to create thirty cottages all over Québec. To do this, the Harnois are particularly interested in the touristic and busy places of Québec, where its famous donut can be discovered on a larger scale. 

First, a major challenge is under way. In order to supply everyone, a bigger factory of production is openned in november 2018. 

Our famous Berthier donuts are about to become another beautiful jewel in Quebec!

Délices d'Antan
They talk about us
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