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Made from a traditional recipe, our potato donuts are homemade delights prepared with unbleached flour. We also use real potatoes grown in Lanaudière’s fields. Even allergies sensitives can enjoy them, because our donut dough is eggs and preservatives free. We cannot be more faithful to tradition!

The “Délices d’Antan”’s selection of products offers five potato donut’s flavors, all inspired by classic flavors of Quebec’s families : plain, honey glazed, soaked in maple syrup, sugar coated and rolled in cinnamon. They all melt in the mouth, bringing back the delectable memories of childhood. That is why they are even better when shared.

Your taste buds will be happy to taste the famous donuts that everyone is talking about. Let’s also eat them warm to seize their full flavor and sweetness. They will make you smile and you will want to bite it again. Real little happiness piece in a bag!

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In lack of happiness, but the idea of traveling many kilometers to Berthier does not enchant you? Look for our "Lil’ Delights" small houses. Installed in strategic places, you will bite in your favorite donut more quickly.

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Our Food Trucks crisscross the cities of Quebec to fill your taste buds! Keep your eye open, there may be one nearby, in the parking of your favorite supermarket. Donuts are only served hot and fresh!

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Our donuts are also available in grocery stores, at the local coffee shop or in convenience stores. Taste them in three easy steps. Choose between maple and honey, warm them in the oven and enjoy this pleasure in the mouth!

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Our bakeries offer you a good dose of love and euphoria with products based on the recipes of our ancestors. In addition to our delicious donuts, you will discover homemade breads, traditional dishes and Lanaudiere’s local food

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It is by means of our proud partners that our famous donuts and other products are readily available. Whether on the shelves of your grocery store or in a food truck parked nearby, we strive to offer the same quality and pleasure throughout Quebec. At the Berthierville’s bakery, you will also find various local products that are the pride of our region.

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