A story about family… and love!

Délices d'Antan is first and foremost a family bakery on Route 158 in Ste-Geneviève-de-Berthier. Since our very beginnings, our popularity and the demand for our famous Berthier donuts have not stopped growing. In addition to our production factory, we proudly count two other bakeries in our ranks.

The first, bearing the name of Délices de Lourdes, is located at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. She was born thanks to a former employee of Délices d'Antan who fell in love with our products. She dreamed to offer our potato donuts to other costumers. She became owner of its own bakery; it also offers its specialty: delicious cakes for all occasions.

The second works in association with La Fabrique de Bagels Café Noir in Magog. The owner also fell in love after having tasted our homemade donuts. Conquered by their taste, he wanted to offer them to the people of Estrie. Of course, you can also get the specialty of the factory: good fresh bagels, the best we have eaten!

The three bakeries have the complete range of donut flavors as well as several cooked meals. Add their contact information to your favorite places to visit more often. Take the opportunity to discover their region!

  • Délices d'antan Berthierville
    Berthierville's Bakery

    446, Riviere-Bayonne South road (Route 158)
    Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
    450 836-0540

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    Opening hours
    Monday:8h to 18h
    Tuesday:8h to 18h
    Wednesday:8h to 18h
    Thursday:8h to 21h
    Friday:8h to 21h
    Saturday:8h to 18h
    Sunday:8h to 18h
  • Délices d'antan Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
    Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes' Bakery

    2030, Barrette Blvd. (route 131)
    Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes (Québec) J0K 1K0
    450 759-0770

    See direction
    Opening hours
    Monday:9h to 18h
    Wednesday:9h to 18h
    Thursday:9h to 19h
    Friday:9h to 19h
    Saturday:8h to 17h
    Sunday:8h to 17h
  • Délices d'antan Magog
    Magog's Bakery

    2760, Main Street West (route 112)
    Magog (Québec) J1X 0J2
    819 345-7829

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    Opening hours
    Monday:7h to 17h
    Tuesday:7h to 17h
    Wednesday:7h to 17h
    Thursday:7h to 18h
    Friday:7h to 18h
    Saturday:7h to 17h
    Sunday:7h to 17h